Prevents wastage

Zembag protects potatoes during home storage, you will no longer have to throw away food.

Lasts forever

High quality workmanship allows us to provide a 5-year warranty. With proper use it will last you a lifetime.

Sheltered workshop

Zembag is manufactured in the Czech Republic in Daneta sheltered workshop. Your purchase will support the operation of this sheltered workshop.

Custom research

Developed and tested in cooperation with scientists from the Czech University of Life Sciences. Verified by customers.

Zembag - the Extraordinary Potato Storage Bag

How does Zembag work?

Zembag is a jute design bag that can hold up to 5 kg or up to 10 kg of potatoes. The most important part of the Zembag is a small sachet filled with a caraway essential oil mixture. It evaporates into the interior of the Zembag and effectively prevents the potatoes from sprouting. Another important role plays the bag itself, together with its inner layer. It is light-proof and protects the potatoes from turning green. At the same time, it keeps sufficient moisture inside so that the potatoes do not dry out. As a result, the potatoes stay fresh longer at their original size, maintaining all important nutritional values. By storing potatoes in this way, you reduce food being discarded and wasted.

How to use Zembag?

How to use Zembag?

Potatoes in Zembag can last for several months. You don't need a cellar, just undamaged, uncut and dry potatoes and a few simple steps to follow before storing potatoes in Zembag.