How to use Zembag?

Short Instructions:

Place dry, undamaged potatoes into the bag. Only such potatoes will resist all infections and maintain their quality for several months. Beware, new potatoes with thin skin do not belong in ZEMBAG! Remove the caraway sachet from the packaging, insert it among the potatoes and close the ZEMBAG. The 5 kg ZEMBAG contains two caraway sachets, the 10 kg bag contains four caraway sachets. You can add and remove potatoes at any time, as needed. To be on the safe side, check the condition of the potatoes regularly. Your nose will help, a rotten potato does not smell nice. If the potatoes start to sprout, add a new sachet. A caraway sachet will function up to 5 months.

You can gently hand wash the inner bag and outer part of the Zembag at a low temperature (30°C).


Detailed instructions for gardeners and potato geeks:

If you have a garden or a small patch where you harvest your own potatoes, we recommend sorting them. Remove any small, green, rotten or otherwise damaged pieces. Eat those that are usable as soon as possible. Discard unusable tubers (green or rotten). Wash potatoes only if you have the possibility to let them dry completely and  immediately. Try to minimise potato injuries during harvesting.

Before placing in the bag

If you have fresh potatoes from the farmer or from your own harvest, let them rest in a ventilated place for a few days. This will give them time to air out and heal their wounds. The tubers will evaporate excess water, the skin will thicken and a cork mesh will form on the wounded areas, preventing infection from entering the tubers. Once the excess water evaporates, the potatoes sometimes become sweaty. They would not dry out in a closed bag, which could start a rotting process. Of course, it is important to prevent light from reaching the tubers, otherwise they will turn green.

Once they are in the bag

You can store the healed and carefully inspected tubers in Zembag and add the recommended amount of caraway sachets (1 sachet per 2.5 kg of potatoes). After a fortnight at the latest, check the potatoes carefully and remove any pieces which are affected by rot or mould, followed by a second check in another week. Each time you open a Zembag, take the opportunity to check their condition.