Burgundy Zembag for 5 kg of potatoes

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It is made of three functional layers. Holds up to 5 kg of potatoes. It comes with two caraway sachets that prevent sprouting for a minimum of 5 months. More

Unique three-layer design bag that holds up to 5 kg of potatoes. The outer layer is made of a combination of cotton fabric and jute, the bottom is made of impermeable solid fabric. The middle layer is made of a dark non-woven fabric that is breathable, removable and does not transmit light. The inner layer contains an aluminum foil that maintains sufficient moisture and a protective atmosphere inside.

Zembag slows down potato sprouting due to specially formulated caraway essential oil. It is contained in a sachet that is inserted among the potatoes in Zembag and will function for at least 5 months under normal conditions. If you notice signs of sprouting, you need to add a new caraway sachet.

The size of the Zembag for 5 kg of potatoes is 20 cm in diameter and 30 cm in height, the volume is 9 litres.

Thanks to the high quality workmanship, we provide an extended warranty of 5 years for Zembag.

Frequently asked questions:

  • New potatoes do not belong in Zembag.
  • Minimum shelf life of the caraway sachet in original pouch is 24 months.
  • The package already contains 2 caraway sachets.
  • Replacement caraway sachets can be purchased.
  • Caraway alone will not work, there is concentrated essential oil in the bag.
  • Zembag is made in the Czech Republic in a sheltered workshop Daneta
  • By purchasing Zembag you support Czech research.

How is it used?

Zembag user manual
  • Carefully check the potatoes you put in the Zembag one by one and discard any damaged or rotten pieces; healthy potatoes could become infected by them.
  • Take out the caraway sachet from its packaging, place it among the potatoes, and close the Zembag by pulling the drawstring. One sachet is enough for 2.5 kg of potatoes.
  • Check your potatoes regularly at least once a week for signs of spoilage. You can remove and add potatoes anytime during storage.
  • If you notice signs of sprouting, add a new caraway sachet.
  • You can gently hand wash the inner and outer layers of the Zembag at a low temperature (30°C), ideally by hand.

    You can find detailed instructions here.

    New and early-season potatoes do not belong in Zembag!

    Remember, new and early-season potatoes are not meant to be stored, not even in Zembag! These potatoes do not have a developed skin, making them very susceptible to mold and rot. In addition, caraway oil damages them. By law, they must be labelled as 'new' and 'early-season'. Only mature late-season potatoes belong into Zembag.

    However, Mini Zembag can be used for short-term storage of new potatoes.

    Size up to 5 kg
    Colour burgundy
    Purpose for potatoes

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